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Where do I find you,
O blessed friends of mine?
Time will pass without a clue,
leaving behind ten and nine.
Our smiles and our tears
all will move with us
till eternity.

The battle is over, the winner declared.
But will echoes of the night-cries not follow?
A battle is lost and a battle won.
But the corpses falling from the sky;
Will not they swallow?

O Buddha teach me love
And teach me the tests of time.
let me be ever blessed like all.


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The Lonely Traveller

The lonely traveller of a path
whose soul loneliness is,
finds for the imprints on the sand
that were left years before –
But true it is that goes in hand,
Relations are prints on that sand,
which can’t be found ever.

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The Soul’s Whisper

“Walk alone,
For the towers may fall,
And rivers may stop;
The lights may quit and statues may hop,
But the graves will never lie, For time’s infinite gusts
Have ruled upon them.

Man is forever to mourn
Over his spring and Fall,
Man is forever to cry
Over the iron monuments that rusts.
Caverns lie as caverns only,
The sage never dies in it;
He moves to the other world
with joy, with bliss, with ecstasy,
For he had once heard his master’s say –

“Walk Alone! Walk Alone!”

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