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A great soul, a great story deserves a longer time;

To stay in the world that mocks the truth.

What stays behind is a dream more sublime,

More surreal than the unknown truth.

Life is a great tale and it’s greatness

Seldom is borrowed from the rhyme

Set by the variations of better beings.


In you I have seen the great possibilities.

In you I have seen enough hope that fathers many.

In you I have faith ample to live for time.

But, it aches more when I see you in pain.

It fills this small heart with great anguishes,

When a being like you suffer these cacophony.

Great wishes will heal and air around will rhyme.


Let me assure in these cursed times,

It takes great courage to fight or to stand still.

But with me you would find an army of wishes

A small soldier with a great cause to drill.


Let me wish you great health and happiness.

Let me salute you as a soldier who supports.

In these times when emotions will decay

Let me signal the time when we will ahoy.


Wishing you great health and great time ahead.

The army is waiting for you Oh! My Captain


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From Nowhere

A great journey, a devout soul;
ends in the quiet pages.
Life is a great tale of the glories,
and the ghosts that sound fowl.
It’s fate that a being fights.

From nowhere rises the wild tempest.
From nowhere we earn the crest.
A move well taken, a journey well pursued.
From nowhere to somewhere,
Time accompanies the brave.
Sitting in these metro racks,
Greenery is a distant but only dream.
From nowhere to somewhere,
This dream gets flesh and blood to live.
A thousand wishes drive.

A great journey, a devout soul;
Is all what a being dreams.
But somewhere this journey ends.
And somewhere this dream breaks.

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