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It was a cold evening and I waited for hours;
To see you I had enough patience to stand.
There was a crowd that crossed me
And there were few citadels and towers
That stood gazing me long with no land,
No air to breathe and no love to see.

I had the roses on hold and a gift to give,
Never knew I had just few days to live
With you and those theatres that we visited.
Looking back there are actors still standing
As mannequins with questioned shade.
They still hope those bells will someday ring.
Now I am not there, not here
And not even on that crossroad
Where we had the last adieu.

Years have now passed, years to see;
But I will still choose to live
As every new day brings in more.
How soon can all these fly?
Memories and your words give
The courage to stand on this shore
Where dreams like muses dance
And the gray brain goes into trance.
There is enough that this world sucks,
Life is not in living but to love.
A death without you is as unquenched
As a life that I have lived without you.
But someday when we meet
Under the same lush green tree
We will not dare to talk or greet
As our old tears will flow free.

I will but still wait and try to speak
The days I walked and nights bleak.
I will take you to that blessed dome
Where life would feel at home;
A journey well ended is a joy
And a life like ours is time’s toy.


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I see a spring after a decade’s fall,
A song that’s now here to stay;
Time is like the oak green and tall,
Love repeats love and pray.
In despair there is earth for hope
And my fate is like a rain drop;
A tattered cloth and sunken cheek  
That I carry for a decade and seek
The right to live and love forever.

I heard the voice I craved for
And the soul’s sweet words
That I was missing in this abyss.
There was a dialogue roar,
And how has time been
Meaningless with no axis.
I was sure love would never return
As love never left this beating heart.
There is grace even in her mourn,
As poise is in her loving art.
 She queried all that I had assumed,
There was no error on either side,
Still we suffered and are consumed
By the kind we belong and stride.

True it is we are now miles apart
And have miles more to cover.
There is enough love in my heart
To wait for you when life is over.
When there is only solitude left,
I will still smile and welcome.
I can’t leave this life or the being,
As have to serve the beings bereft.

I am sure you will meet me
When I am old and grown tired.
We will talk about the years,
The world, the tales and rhyme;
A great love that time admired.
From there we will voyage
To a far and prosper land
Where profit is not by age
But with moments so grand.

I will wait there till you come,
And we build our only home.

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There is an island not far from here,
Above the errors of time and beyond.
No life so no death; and no fear
To lose as all that is gained or found.
I am in darkness but still can see
The apparitions I wished years before.

In that island there are books of love;
And legends smoothly move around.
Tales that I have read long before
Stand with serene smile and profound.

Who says there was a mistake?
Who says we were friends?
Mountains stand tall side by side,
And never whisper their agony.
This height they have reached,
In solitude they will break.
Now there is no return,
Now there is no correction.
Time is the only truth that stands.

I will write till I live,
And I will sing aloud.

What harm can I do in these times,
With a wretched house, broken rhymes
And a defeated soul that can’t sing?
I will like sit on the stone
And like Oedipus narrate to all;
The romance in the air and hymns,
Graduate every soul to love more.
Peace is the boat and dream an oar,
To reach that island of Love.
We will be together on that voyage,
We will live and love forever.

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