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Come from the blue sea after the bath,
Greeting the Sun that is so ancient,
So strong after seeing time passing by,
And legends running half naked to death.

There is no meaning in these eluded beings,
Like seasons that follow feelings and sell
Intellect over and over for pennies to grow.
Leave these pagan paltered paths of hell.

There is a new morning waiting for long.
Let us hail and greet light and kill darkness
Of our mind, and our hearts so beautiful.
Like wings of the butterfly, let our thoughts
Inspire art and be blessed by the muses.
Let our anguish flow with tears in dark
And a pure sublime soul we be to walk.

Misery is moaning, so steal your breath
And save your beats to see more love.
There is a new morning waiting for long,
To show the road to render faith and hope.


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The air from the weed, is hustling down
In desolate dusk of an unknown countryside
Like a malady muzzled all across.
Who lives the nest except for food?
Now that I am far from my country land
With handful of coins and cerise remains,
Sometimes dream of those streets of joy,
Those calls of my people and voices so grand. 

I came here for setting my tale, and earn
Enough to see my old dreams again.
Now enough! Enough of this old yearn.
This land is not mine with cold hearts
Around like dead stones and dark odes.
These faces that I see are not mine,
Nor from the known crowd I ever loved.

The wanderer I will die down with time,
Leaving impressions of solitude self drawn.
The denouement will again inspire some
And not allow Satan bait on dreams grown.
Let this world be a home again for all,
And not treat us like migrants of the moon.

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