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A nest tussled on the pathway,
A handful of feathers scattered;
Like twigs broken but still rough
Our apparitions stand tall and long.
Because I am the witness to all
I am the wind that passes unaltered,
I am the moment that is shrouded
In velvet, among victory and vanquish
Of our kind and all that lists melody.

The choirs stand again, the thoughts
Fly like an ambush of the night birds.
The tear drops now and again
For the battles not fought so far
Bounded for an undying reason.
Among friends and accomplished
Episodes of experiences enchanted,
I will but remain in the bust of love
And spread the same old smile and tell
The tale of our genre and our genius.

I will stand again after every dialogue
Of soul and the mind, for I am Love.
The search will not stop in mortal minds;
In search there is joy, there is life,
There is a Troy of thoughts and time
Defies human attempt and will prove
The meaning of this voyage untold.

In search there is a joy, there is love;
I will but wait under the waning moon.
Time is not time, torment is not a test
Until the soul’s tide comes true to rest.


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