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Oh wind! Flattered with the trust I have built,
I stand like a monument of friendship;
Souls appear and go, some honest or in guilt,
The best words, the sweet air around leap
To discover the truth veiled for ages.

We will meet from here and like stranger
Not greet, nor gift but look at each other
With blank eyes, filled hearts and anger
For loving among so many lives longer.

What transcends is unseen but whisper
For apparitions they leave behind;
No joy is jealous of the sorrow spread
Under this canopy of conscious creed.
The temples will remain, the gods will,
The memories will fly like ash sprayed.

Into the dungeon of deprived let us push
All anguishes and love again for that we are.
We are farther than our time can prepare,
When we meet we will greet, we will be quiet.


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