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These times will change; we will but just grow old,
And fill our grey vessels with memories of the past.
The dreaded domes among our thoughts so cold
Will remain in plates of clay till the colossal cortege last. 
We will but grow elderly and all desire succumb
In times of tyranny and Trojan horses that we built.
Life is a mockery of truth that we were born in a womb;
We are the Achilles’ desire broken into pieces of guilt.

This air of love that we dream will not reach the fathom
Nor see mourning missionaries around tumbled twice
In grief, in solemnity and serenity of succinct surety
Of life, of joy and desire like statues among kingdom
Of love under the tree of oak that palpates soul’s purity.
We will meet someday in a day of eternity and greet
Each other for the calmness we built and let life rise
To be rich and green as time’s trumpet blow torrents
Of salmon filled streams through the cliffs of curiosity.

We will but see from here the dazzles of a distant dream,
And greet each other in joy with tears of torment and love.


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