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A thousand lamps floating on water
Like pearls scattered on black drape
With mist wrapped to gift someone
Enough hope to flee for freedom.
Some burn all night, some defy later;
The lamps are like our hearts filled
With memories of the past that moan
And hope to reach the mystery dome.

Beauty beats its wings over this calm
Cuddling water with darkness all around,
To fly beyond the mundane desire
And reach the isle of freedom profound.
I have but apparitions of this unseen isle
And tales that lure to make this flight
And meet those flattering wings around.

There are bushes of yellow and green,
Soft and moist soil to move gentle desire.
There are wings all around beating clean,
Colossal fervors to amuse immortal fire.
Under the oak I loved will sit for awhile
And draw from around to make my home.
I will tread someday among these birds
And meet life on this isle of freedom.


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