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Separated at the séance, surrendered to sermons
With bells around not ringing but like demons
Hanging from the black dark roof, among webs
Of desire so cruel to stand through the ribs.
There will be dreams that will now relinquish
In the real and rude words of this world.

This battle will finish the carcass of those cared,
This battle will not be of bodies but boldness
Unbound by fear of tradition and the trivial,
Among gloomy gusts of gentle memories.

This heart will not fail nor fear for future;
There is enough I had gathered, enough
To leave behind as each step now breathes.
There will be time that will cure all wounds
Of this world, of this life and will grow
To discover the green pasture of hope.
Stars will now see, storms will now seal;
We will meet again beyond desire and flow.


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