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Join this Journey

There are strokes of the bell from the temple;

Strokes like blanket that cover the silence

Of surreal semblances of the past, of the heart

Of the steps where I learnt rhythms that crumple

With patterns made by time and our lives.

A star will only see a star; the sky is all the more

Inviting to touch the clouds and float in prayer.

I am in love more with myself, the self that I see

In you, in the crowd that smiles back to me.

We are for sure not those salmons Yeats told,

Nor those skins that will die for exchanged gold.

Let us arise now or never, to declare that we live.

Let us be more honest in what we get and give.

What verse can do to this vastness of virility?

What colours can do to this unending canvas?

So meagre it seems in our attempts to build

The sepulcher of gold and our iron-like ego yield.

Let now these hands hold to cross the wave;

Let our ploughed thoughts join now in the field.

And we grow together like birds that chirp aloud

This song that our children can in love applaud.


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