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My Life: A Poet’s Journey When thinking of the profligacy of people, I see not any apostle who can transform but authors of a great future. The subjects of common folk, the sigh of the innumerable peasants, the achievements of civilization that we belong to and more so the enrichment that is possible after centuries of experimentation; all lead me to pursue this noble endeavour of writing down the exclusiveness of common thought. For centuries our men and women have seen much of change, much of evolution. Our children have seen hope in changing times and the possibility of a great future for the unseen generations. But have we delivered on all of them? Have we laboured hard in making this planet a great place to live? When I see people around I see growing dissatisfaction, death of hope and not enough courage to change. There is poetry in all these not so great lives. There is inspiration to follow in every common man’s death. The state of affairs and the sense of issues combine together, to attempt the greatest change of human civilization. Violence, distrust, disrespect, arrogance, selfishness and suction of human blood have snatched the serenity of vision. I see the gospels of grim gods that has appealed the collective consciousness of our times and has amused our emotions. I am here to take all people along with me to the possibility now I see. I need now hands joined together creating a great force that will transform world we live in. Being together itself is a great spirit and great strength. Let me take the pleasure of introducing myself to you and the world. I am a just voice in an unjust world, where relationships do not matter over the materialistic gains. I am a poet not by chance but by choice. I am a friend not by instinct but by the desire to touch everyone who carries an honest soul and a sane route. I have seen more of growing discontentment in this mankind and understand poetry and the muses have the ability to heal and to doctor the wrongs of our times. I am here to sing with you a song so divine, so austere and so augmented that generations that would follow will appreciate the courage of poets, poetry and its readers who have lived aesthetic fervour in a time of global disorder. After reading all that was meant to be read, there is still room for creating a thread of imagination and sincere insight into the power of love. I write mostly in solitude and in society about love that has the greatest contention, yet exists inexplicably with a great conviction to lead our civilization forward and for a better world. The mythologies we belong to, the values you and me cherish, the commonalities that we share flow down from the culture of humanity. What makes me write is light and darkness around. I bear the responsibility to judge with efficacy the evaluation of a journey undertaken by my soul. I have grown in adversities and yes when you appreciate the pain I portray in my poems, my intention is not to hurt but heal by taking you, the reader to a higher platform where in there is scope enough to witness the changing times and the chastened life. There is LIGHT, not here, not there but in the inward journey which suffices with great glory and leads the human soul toward enlightenment. The purpose of LIFE is solved when there is an attempt to reach toward that light. And to do so, believing in the strength of LOVE is the only fuel that decides the speed of this great journey. Has sarcasm has now taken over sanity? Has our mind been more polluted with evil thoughts? Has there been enough attempts from our side to heal the woes of not just the self but the family of lives we are surrounded with? Each life is responsible and as I see each day becomes more crucial in deciding the performance of ourselves in ensuring a brighter world. Today, I stand alone in this part of the world with emptied hands but with symbols and imagination that surround me and give enough patience to listen to your heart. I will sing for you the song that will heal. I am a common man who has seen three decades of ups and downs. I belong to a sub-continent named India where all cultures meet, where faith and camaraderie resides in every being. My education has a depth borrowed from literature and a lucidity learnt from communications. Let time be the greatest testament to my profile, let there be enough readers of poetry in a time when there is no time left with our civilization to settle down and believe in this creative impulse. I welcome you my friend to this world of imagination where dreams don’t die nor time becomes rigid; only witness the flow of inspiration and of love. I welcome you to listen to “The Soul’s Whisper”.

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