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And what if, it all ends in a whisper;
Frozen walls, iced words, and eyes cold?
Peace flapping it’s wings to lead the soul
To a much lighter space where exists
The emptiness for one’s stricken desire.
You are where you ought to be in life,
Or you will look at these moments someday
And laugh most like a baby in the cradle
Does when sees it’s mother who will hold.
A finger that will lead to hold it more tight
Among winds through the curtains in cold.
What point does this race make to us,
While the heart wants air to breathe
And looks so eagerly among the smiles?
We will come again to the tossed mirror
And face the questions of our conquest.
We will be born again to seek the light
When our soul would ask again to rest.

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There is an island not far from here,
Above the errors of time and beyond.
No life so no death; and no fear
To lose as all that is gained or found.
I am in darkness but still can see
The apparitions I wished years before.

In that island there are books of love;
And legends smoothly move around.
Tales that I have read long before
Stand with serene smile and profound.

Who says there was a mistake?
Who says we were friends?
Mountains stand tall side by side,
And never whisper their agony.
This height they have reached,
In solitude they will break.
Now there is no return,
Now there is no correction.
Time is the only truth that stands.

I will write till I live,
And I will sing aloud.

What harm can I do in these times,
With a wretched house, broken rhymes
And a defeated soul that can’t sing?
I will like sit on the stone
And like Oedipus narrate to all;
The romance in the air and hymns,
Graduate every soul to love more.
Peace is the boat and dream an oar,
To reach that island of Love.
We will be together on that voyage,
We will live and love forever.

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