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Hunger does more miracle if not the being
That settles down among the cold winds.
We’ll arise again and till we become the light,
We’ll fail among those desires every time.
The soul says now to be the song not rhyme.

Why write with ink from our innocent heart?
Why allow the blood to flow through the pen?
Who reads these days, what books we hold?
A sad man stands at the crossroad to meet
And talk to the moon that comes after rain
To tell how clouds swim with dreams so cold.

It’s bleak or brazen or burns like a furnace,
Yes, our heart that melts with passing time.
If not, we stand tall and help wipe the tears
And bring smile to a lonely traveler’s face,
We must buy the thought and again rhyme
We have not grown but gone with the years.


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It’s autumn again, it’s the breeze that flatters gain;
Looking back I see that smile standing beside,
I see timid hope tussle among drops of rain,
I see empty hands gazing the mist on the riverside.

There will be a temple while I journey and jumble
Thoughts of all yesteryears that stands unshaken.
There will be a tussle of timid tempests and tremble
Waves of musk and mound of memories brazen.

My words bleed; no they sing the song in sublime
They quest to find what was untold before.
They are like monuments of faith that rhyme
With each passing moment and melodies galore.

To yearn is to idle the desire for love and see
Beyond human drooping, dusted history
Of ours, of elsewhere and attempt to free
Dazzled flecks of the unseen gold and glory.

It’s autumn again, so I sit beside the stream,
I see hope in the distant eyes, breath behest
To conquer the fear and shoulder the dream.
The winter awaits, the spring shall not rest.

In death like life there are enough vents to live,
Hope alone deciphers the honest love we give.

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