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I stood under that tree for long today, seemed like a year gone.
Few dried leaves soon rushed to kiss the ground with a plea,
That the wind turned stronger and time wanted them to fall.
And no words, on that moment occurred to an ageing intellect,
But a sigh, after seeing the moon coming out of clouds in gold.

Who stands, who sails, who seeks that light after the darkness?
Often, when I wished to remember, I could see the waves here.
Why death not greeted with a trumpet blown in a strange smear?
What justice would our wealth do, what love can these times fill?
Time alone sweeps it all, time that we so much thought we hold.

Someday, when we meet again, if at all, we must greet the rain,
Like children come after a long holiday or a soul that travelled far.
Through the window, when you look far at that twinkling star,
Remember, it only is an apparition of an ushered artist to imagine,
The glory that glitters, where hope still lives and death a fiction.

Nothing lives forever, nothing dies, till this soul with love tries,
Even the storms turn into a song, and dead leaves look like petals.


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It’s often, quite often, now I pause among the unending roads;
Someone told it would end someday, without any whisper.
From the steps across the green acre, she would descend,
She would run again to me, or wait under an umbrella shade
At the same crossroad, where we could not then bid farewell.

Like a mad, old man, I fought against every wind that crossed,
And tossed my hair, among nights without stars or the moon.
I often looked at the window, even when hands were engrossed
with paints, brushes and bruises over the linen woven long back.
Who says death is an end, who says marriage is being together?

I often see the boy from my innocent days, counting the stars,
Hoping the moon will stay forever and then again looks alone
Into my eyes and say, ‘I see the moon in your eyes’ and harps
To convince am him, to repeat that it all was written by none,
But time wished this soul to find that memories are not wars.

Let time be born again, let darkness lead itself to light again,
Let every stroke when I paint declare, love alone will gain;
For it gives all that it has, for it leaves all that it holds so dear,
I wish when we meet again, I see you smile and me in tear.

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I felt the feather so close today, as in a whisper will tell
the road from here, the land beyond this sky and to sail
in the frozen air where no heart can breathe more love,
but in this silence, in the darkness find my stars to move.
Among the frozen worlds we know, we seek each other,
More than the slipping words and humming lips bother
To sing again that song, count again the stars and dream
The white and cold flowers and the old veins like a stream.

They will always tell am weird, I tell they are all the wood,
No life they see in these echoes of the green or in the blue.
What profit has all wealth ever done, what more they could,
Than filling the hunger lost in darkness and salmons for true.
I saw the dust fly and settle on every moment as love bloom
Like an untouched tulip field greet the air again to greet you.
This man will come again to that shore where you will reach
And take you over the waves, till tides turn and kisses you.

I will bleed like that ink again for our poem to come true,
Over leafless boughs to see again those leaves in cold dew.

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When you know it is few more moments left for me,
Promise me you will sing your heart and gift me a rose,
And I will find in silence the fragrance of that past,
The moments we lived, the dusts where roads cross.

Now there is no pain, no more anguish in that flame
Or fury among the thwarting testaments we read then,
But a prayer for you to find bliss soon and call by name
Each soul that met us and prayed for us to be together.

And tell them in a whisper, we will live and love again.
Time like a horse even in these last moments still hops,
To what desire, to where shall it take me in sun or in rain?
The breath sinks into you and time says this life just stops.

That tree remains there and someday flowers will come,
Someday invite more souls to reach and fall in love again.
No dream is enough to live now, no life is less than a home,
I now quietly move with folded hands, nor anything to gain.

I will wait for you forever till your eyes become more love.
I will be over the rain-washed bough and sing like a dove.

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When I am gone into the quiet ripples of the sea,
And my dream becomes every breath that I take,
You must promise me; you will not follow or flee
from the frozen shades of the years we have lived.
When the soul cries, everything looks a blur to me,
Those small little tears rolling in the rain to break
That silence for someday to someone who can see
And make a note that love is not lost, love is so true.
Hate is too harsh a word; fear too is clueless of time.

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Life after life, after every known death,
I will be here again among your breath.
Like a rolling reel, it will all perhaps pass,
But I will be beside you in every dance.
We are not bothered, we are not away,
We are somewhere midst of a lovely day.

Who says we are parted, who likes to walk
Alone in a forest where emptied souls talk
Partly in fear, partly in tear, smiling at hope?
We are not miles, but moments away now,
The thought of falling leaves from a bough
Where winds of change forever will grope.

Let our pursuit gather more courage ever.
Let our souls in love keep the faith forever.

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Among the thistle under a purple sky and a cotton-like cloud
After an untimed rain, the petrichor, the path leads in quiet;
The crowd moves on, the wind beneath stares, screams aloud,
The reasons of our ruin, the darkness before the soul’s light.

Who waits in this rush, who whispers peace for lives bound
By reason of gathering all things that do not stay even right?
Dream is for the desolate air; a solitary soul walks the ground,
Only to breathe freedom now from this fear of fusion and fight.

That mirror is blurred, that chord is strangled among our pleas,
He who stands untouched by time is our soul and not the trees.

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