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Hold this finger and lead me Oh Time
To that epitome of an unending love.
I will drop every wish that this being
Is burdened while walking over the grass
And tossing among leaves green to brown;
Every lip that lied to see their eyes turn gold,
Every hand that prayed to save its soul so cold.
Balance is a myth, justice rebels against its judge.

If I can stand, I will forever love and paint
The moment the soul longs, and to weave
Through the rivers, the dream for the ocean.
I will someday then reach that island of love,
Come to the shore, throw a pebble with smile
To send ripples to your heart, no matter how far.
It’s blessed to be mad than in reason die unknown.

We will when the time is gone, stand like rock
Among these tides to love more and live forever.


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On the same crossroads where we met last,
I still yearn to see you come again, alone.
Let there be no humans, no old statues cast,
No dark doors, no vivid fates, just love alone.
These lives that we lived are lost like wars.

The Beatrice I know has now immortal wings,
And has grown more love than ever before.
Now nothing stops the marriage of our souls.
The Florence I loved long is now denied,
As trusted faces are jaunted in jealous eyes,
And fleeting souls lead and leave past buried.

I am here to sing and write for love so dear;
But cruel intentions consume cold intellect
That I believe was to receive trusted praise.
In desire there is the Beatrice I love again,
For no promise I can see without embrace.

I have kinsmen at home who are far now, 
With unknown fates and dwindling days.
I have my first books and an ancient ink pot
Wandering through the window for return
Of me, my verse filled in heart like an urn.
But I will not redeem, nor will listen to past.
I am a man and like my race shall move on.
This is not fate but an exile cast on my soul.

There are patrons now for me to demolish,
Enough grudge on the verse I wrote in rein,
And Satan that I saw through the homes lost.
There is still love that runs in my aged vein.

The statue of four seasons stands now,
Where we first promised to live and love.
There are grapes and graves lying beside
Like the mockery of our human dreams.

After ages we will be born and meet again,
May not be in Florence but in a far away land,
Where fate will settle down like the sea sand
And frozen dreams will live and love again.

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I know we will be together
Someday when we are old,
Gray and with sunken eyes.
We will see in long dreams
The same trees, same sky,
And the temples of stone.

All pain through this life
Will see no meaning then,
As mortal toys meet death
And mutilated souls stand
On the same broken banks  
Where an emperor lost
After a victory so needed.

We will arise from there
With a lighter soul
And wings of love behind.
We will but sail again.
There will be no gyres
Perturbing penance or fear.
There will be no intellect
To make vague bargain.

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Now that we talk and teach
Each other to remain in peace,
Each one filling the other’s dream;
There is a heart that listens
To the beats of this night stream.

Now not like a priest or a pope,
We can dare to cleanse this soul
As the virtue of our kind is to sail
Through odds of the fate we carve.
We will together dream again
Of the utopia that never exists.

When we meet, will surely greet
With baffled and bleeding hearts
That suffered in these dark years.
We will stare each other for long,
And then may pretend to treat.
But our eyes will gleam with tears.

Neither we nor our fate knows
Where will we settle after now?
But wherever there will be thirst
There will be a dream to quench.

Why after some dream we weep?
We succumb and yearn for the end?
Why breathe in this deserted drape?
And remain speechless while we bend?

Like Life, death too is a journey.

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