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Among these sun-filled eyes and dust kissed lips
There’s a tale of a tempest that madness whips.
Hand to hand trusts too with a heart holding love
While there are scattered visions of unending hope.
Among these decrepit steps of this temple of faith
We will not gaze deep into the sculptures of science,
But more at the art rising in the distant horizon.

There stand these visions we had like our fathers
Of all generations who hold their child’s finger
To lead through, to greet all and to bid farewell
When done enough with time and tests of life.
Faith is a great magic, holds the breath of ours
When in need and let go when we are set to sail.
Time echoes, the time we live forever and ever.


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Upon a rock so grey I sit and sander my bones
To stand again erect with a heart full of verse
To play long the desires that I dare to feel.
I am human, so will be deaf in anguished tones,
And blind in the dunes of deserts in traverse.

I am born again and again like a holy gyre
Churning elements that elude and still eager
To find essence in what is undone for ages.
Someday, somewhere when am old and retire,
These verses will leave me not but stand
Like a firm soul among the citadel of rages.

A poet is not a paltered piece like the rest
That flickers away with time, but does inspire
Grungy Genres that have lost faith and admire
History so great and guzzled in our books,
So wrongly written with wrath or unseen fire.
I will look high up to every soldier’s crest,
And with valour shall declare this war over.

My men beleaguered under the blue moon
Will someday find a meaning to live and love.

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Come from the blue sea after the bath,
Greeting the Sun that is so ancient,
So strong after seeing time passing by,
And legends running half naked to death.

There is no meaning in these eluded beings,
Like seasons that follow feelings and sell
Intellect over and over for pennies to grow.
Leave these pagan paltered paths of hell.

There is a new morning waiting for long.
Let us hail and greet light and kill darkness
Of our mind, and our hearts so beautiful.
Like wings of the butterfly, let our thoughts
Inspire art and be blessed by the muses.
Let our anguish flow with tears in dark
And a pure sublime soul we be to walk.

Misery is moaning, so steal your breath
And save your beats to see more love.
There is a new morning waiting for long,
To show the road to render faith and hope.

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When we last met in the temple town,
Over the unused rocks of craftsmen,
There were deities and precinct power.
There were lions roaring on the shore.

Remember the green grass we walked along
To find the smallest joy in the country song.
Remember the priest who joined our hands
To join our souls forever and to journey,
Through the greenness of grass and gluttony.

In these visions of the vermillion past,
My soul will not rest or reduce,
Nor will it nurture or again remember
The decadence of faith or ever cast
The mutiny of monuments that seduce.

I am the soul so will be free and move
From the false applauds and toyed glory.
And will not be lazy or rest in love,
Nor toil among all that will be history.
In a dream at least I found the meaning
Of life, freedom and paradise sublime.

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