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Nothing, almost nothing remains after time decides;
No spring, no fall, no waiting under the waning moon,
No desire before the setting sun, but the mad tides.
We smile, we stand so much in courage every time;
We will look at the floating clouds and whisper soon,
We are here to breathe, and here always to rhyme.

The rainbow that our soul seeks will appear again,
There will be the sun and at a distance it will rain.
Rose to rose will whisper what love shines again.
Among those words in hunger, there will be rhyme
For an incessant, unheard thirst of this souls’ pain.
We shall meet again and tell the story of our life.
We shall kiss under the rainbow and more bargain.

Time repeats and tosses what we thought will live
Till it finds enough ground for our souls to give.
Love will stand through those tides and not flicker,
And declare the time where the rainbow is forever.


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Hold this finger and lead me Oh Time
To that epitome of an unending love.
I will drop every wish that this being
Is burdened while walking over the grass
And tossing among leaves green to brown;
Every lip that lied to see their eyes turn gold,
Every hand that prayed to save its soul so cold.
Balance is a myth, justice rebels against its judge.

If I can stand, I will forever love and paint
The moment the soul longs, and to weave
Through the rivers, the dream for the ocean.
I will someday then reach that island of love,
Come to the shore, throw a pebble with smile
To send ripples to your heart, no matter how far.
It’s blessed to be mad than in reason die unknown.

We will when the time is gone, stand like rock
Among these tides to love more and live forever.

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An evening in tune with my mood,
All breaths in chorus and now greet
The release from a world so rude.
Each verse I write like as it is the last,
And share my soul and my meat.

From here there is just a prayer for all
To live and love, to dream is so true
Of all beating hearts and enthral
The ripples of a rumoured heart.

From here as I move and mingle
Among droplets on cold green grass,
This thought shall find its route
And wishes like lillies shall swing
Among lives resting in the past.

When it rains I will not see tears
Nor shall melt ever under the Sun
But fly as much in the blue sky
And reach the days I faintly remember.
Someday, somewhere when we meet
And look for long at our tired feet
Let conscience discover the journey.

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Not far away from here
Does a tale survive,
That hymns the summer and winter
Of an adorable love alive.
The bard drooped under the sun
And walked over the uneven earth;
And now is an embodiment in misty morn,
Where no faith will ever be forlorn.

 I will tell you the tale of Bluebard.

In autumn he was born
And in winter did he live.
All else is least seasoned
As the tale is of a man to mourn.
On his birth near the lake
A vision of cobra did it take,
That over water moved to earth.
But the world is more venomous?

Perhaps that day all planets
Stared at what did they make?
Will it be a life full of errors?
Or what attire will it take?
No one ever guessed or gambled
As the sinking star isn’t worth a penny.
As the cold became intense
Green leaves turned pale.
With lifeless form like a tree he stood,
Beside him the way of the world moved,
On which crowded salmons rushed.
Salmons become lifeless on this road.

But in the evenings he was amused
By the mermaid that appeared in mist.
Soon all leaves left the bough
And the tree stood with arms wide open.
Who knew death was about to feast?

While in dark the creature appeared,
The mist got filled with fragrance,
And the water smelt purest love.
Soon the mermaid turned violent
And in the battle ended the romance.

Now that the bard is alone
Longing for that whiteness around,
The winter has ended and lake vanished,
As yawns and yells the greyest hound.
The selfish world never pitied
Not the whitest swans flown
To that unending eternity.

The bard has seen the wraths of time,
But strange it is still in him
That he longs for the mermaid to return.
Now as the sun is harsh and to burn
The roots have gone ashes
But the bough still longs.
The bard being the son of the muses
Kept silent as the crowded way amuses.
Strange it is but true that all lives
Do not end, some remain forever.

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There is an island not far from here,
Above the errors of time and beyond.
No life so no death; and no fear
To lose as all that is gained or found.
I am in darkness but still can see
The apparitions I wished years before.

In that island there are books of love;
And legends smoothly move around.
Tales that I have read long before
Stand with serene smile and profound.

Who says there was a mistake?
Who says we were friends?
Mountains stand tall side by side,
And never whisper their agony.
This height they have reached,
In solitude they will break.
Now there is no return,
Now there is no correction.
Time is the only truth that stands.

I will write till I live,
And I will sing aloud.

What harm can I do in these times,
With a wretched house, broken rhymes
And a defeated soul that can’t sing?
I will like sit on the stone
And like Oedipus narrate to all;
The romance in the air and hymns,
Graduate every soul to love more.
Peace is the boat and dream an oar,
To reach that island of Love.
We will be together on that voyage,
We will live and love forever.

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