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Hunger does more miracle if not the being
That settles down among the cold winds.
We’ll arise again and till we become the light,
We’ll fail among those desires every time.
The soul says now to be the song not rhyme.

Why write with ink from our innocent heart?
Why allow the blood to flow through the pen?
Who reads these days, what books we hold?
A sad man stands at the crossroad to meet
And talk to the moon that comes after rain
To tell how clouds swim with dreams so cold.

It’s bleak or brazen or burns like a furnace,
Yes, our heart that melts with passing time.
If not, we stand tall and help wipe the tears
And bring smile to a lonely traveler’s face,
We must buy the thought and again rhyme
We have not grown but gone with the years.


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And what if, it all ends in a whisper;
Frozen walls, iced words, and eyes cold?
Peace flapping it’s wings to lead the soul
To a much lighter space where exists
The emptiness for one’s stricken desire.
You are where you ought to be in life,
Or you will look at these moments someday
And laugh most like a baby in the cradle
Does when sees it’s mother who will hold.
A finger that will lead to hold it more tight
Among winds through the curtains in cold.
What point does this race make to us,
While the heart wants air to breathe
And looks so eagerly among the smiles?
We will come again to the tossed mirror
And face the questions of our conquest.
We will be born again to seek the light
When our soul would ask again to rest.

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And we judged the play with our pestered intellect,
But not with the heart that beats through time.
One dream dies, one more is born, a dream we live.
Among propelling prophecies of sultry stones so straight,
There surely will be foliage that will grow and rhyme;
What seeds we sowed, how we watered and hope give
more wings for the dream to lives so more abject,
and undaunted by the flickering thoughts of our race.

Leave now, drop the thought that burns your soul.
Not timid at all, nor meaningless the pursuit is;
Every King dies, every empire falls, victory will brawl
Amid changing thoughts that push the other piece.
The sky is vast, it ought to be for so many dreams
Trade through it, some sail, some wait for the wind.
Walk every step with trust, breathe the air of freedom.
Let every touch heal and smile more till we are home.

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Who says it’s cold beyond the mountains that stand tall,
The sea that seems floating through the ages of hermitage?
The fear of losing the being with the wind that touched all,
Whistles of childhood, melodies of youth and vision of age.
All seems frozen in this arc of being an ancient, idle soul.

There is the violin under the oak, over the green grass;
There is music of the soul frozen in the air and dust
Like a blanket that gives comfort when our heart desires.
The bow is lying like a dead wood, like a lover’s note.
Frozen are the emotions here, frozen is the moment.
In life like in love, there too is a fragrance so divine.
No flower will stop war, till it reaches the unbridled swords.
No verse will be frozen forever, if has not touched your soul.

In terse and treacherous paths, often those that glitter
With honest efforts of love, life gets frozen like our master.

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In a season of dismay
Mermaid to mermaid speaks
In desolation what counts,
Not the alibi grown from mind
But the patience born with time.
Beside the sea with caracal streak
In an evening filled with silence,
And trees swaying on mad mounts,
There is a brutal storm we will find.

The mermaid will see waves beating
And dying on black and rough rocks.
There is a sky up there casting
A real night with scattered illusions.
There is breeze flowing and meeting
The foams on the shore and flocks
Through the maddening gyre.
There is a puppeteer up above
Who inspires and is in love;
But with strings so discordant
Gets tired of humans and demons,
And harmony becomes a dream.

Freedom is being free from death;
And not clinging in the dying clocks.
A mermaid or an angel’s repertoire
Is not freedom but a broken oath,
The song of an eternal crime choir
Where choristers are amongst us.
To live in peace is a promise made
In heaven not in the breaking earth;
My life leads in that sea of hope
As every moment dreams gallop.

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I see a spring after a decade’s fall,
A song that’s now here to stay;
Time is like the oak green and tall,
Love repeats love and pray.
In despair there is earth for hope
And my fate is like a rain drop;
A tattered cloth and sunken cheek  
That I carry for a decade and seek
The right to live and love forever.

I heard the voice I craved for
And the soul’s sweet words
That I was missing in this abyss.
There was a dialogue roar,
And how has time been
Meaningless with no axis.
I was sure love would never return
As love never left this beating heart.
There is grace even in her mourn,
As poise is in her loving art.
 She queried all that I had assumed,
There was no error on either side,
Still we suffered and are consumed
By the kind we belong and stride.

True it is we are now miles apart
And have miles more to cover.
There is enough love in my heart
To wait for you when life is over.
When there is only solitude left,
I will still smile and welcome.
I can’t leave this life or the being,
As have to serve the beings bereft.

I am sure you will meet me
When I am old and grown tired.
We will talk about the years,
The world, the tales and rhyme;
A great love that time admired.
From there we will voyage
To a far and prosper land
Where profit is not by age
But with moments so grand.

I will wait there till you come,
And we build our only home.

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