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The contours of our memories so much seek,
So much like whisper come out in blank silence.
Here are the butterflies chasing the wild swan,
Here comes the song from love’s forgotten peak.
If death be like a blanket that hides the world
Before our eyes and smell of that sweet petrichor;
There is this soul in you that will stand like cold
White, snow-dipped mountain in the darkness.

Yes, here’s the home, and that luminous page of life;
Come not draped in ignorance but with your story.
Soul to soul will whisper the same surrendered strife.
The eyes will get heavier with the tear than the being
When it drops, and waves you see in air around sing,
Everything leaves to meet everything we know in life.

Here’s the home, here’s that flame we forever seek.
Come soon, before I fly again to that love’s peak.


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It’s dark enough to close my eyes
And listen not to this world around.
What I can hear is just a distant echo;
A chorus with hymns from childhood,
And the days filled with innocence.

There is a home other side of this river
From where I belong and was born.
I see apparitions there that shiver
As have grown old and are in need
Of a shoulder strong to rest upon.

In dark I listen to the loved lullabies
My mother sung on summer nights,
And the warmth of winter evenings
That she rendered on the river bank.

But with time’s cruel intention,
Innocence breaks and broods.
And grows old with the shepherd’s tale;
Here is the world on the other side,
Where nothing heals but the memory.

A thinking mind brings misfortune,
And judges nothing but profit;
The world grows older with us
And in us it finds a waning moon.

But there calls the same bird
On the same bough to get back
And restore the glories of our past.
We will not journey together
But on parallel ships with coloured mast
And find enough wind to whack;
And courage to listen to the bard.

There is a home calling!

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