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Among these sun-filled eyes and dust kissed lips
There’s a tale of a tempest that madness whips.
Hand to hand trusts too with a heart holding love
While there are scattered visions of unending hope.
Among these decrepit steps of this temple of faith
We will not gaze deep into the sculptures of science,
But more at the art rising in the distant horizon.

There stand these visions we had like our fathers
Of all generations who hold their child’s finger
To lead through, to greet all and to bid farewell
When done enough with time and tests of life.
Faith is a great magic, holds the breath of ours
When in need and let go when we are set to sail.
Time echoes, the time we live forever and ever.


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Petals of roses, petals of crimson hues so ancient
Laid now on these solemn words of this world.
Was I in a dream, or was I well treading through
The feathers and tossed among the wings of angels?
There are now stones thrown on paltry sculptures
And fear reaming through the veins of that victory.
What was the dream? What was the dream?
Shouted the old man on the same crossroad.
If we can pause, if we can breathe the same air
we started our journey, and touch of the breeze.

We fake to whom if not the soul, to gather hope
To face the truth of that dream we love so much.
Our journey can’t be an epitaph over that stone
If not the honest air among the moonlit nights.
Settle O’ soul, there’s so much peace in passion;
There’s the possibility of life when we are gone.
I will write again, take hues from those petals
And hymn though the marble into the sculpture.

Hope is in those eyes that surround us all through.
We will rise again to peace and fall again in love.

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And we judged the play with our pestered intellect,
But not with the heart that beats through time.
One dream dies, one more is born, a dream we live.
Among propelling prophecies of sultry stones so straight,
There surely will be foliage that will grow and rhyme;
What seeds we sowed, how we watered and hope give
more wings for the dream to lives so more abject,
and undaunted by the flickering thoughts of our race.

Leave now, drop the thought that burns your soul.
Not timid at all, nor meaningless the pursuit is;
Every King dies, every empire falls, victory will brawl
Amid changing thoughts that push the other piece.
The sky is vast, it ought to be for so many dreams
Trade through it, some sail, some wait for the wind.
Walk every step with trust, breathe the air of freedom.
Let every touch heal and smile more till we are home.

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It’s autumn again, it’s the breeze that flatters gain;
Looking back I see that smile standing beside,
I see timid hope tussle among drops of rain,
I see empty hands gazing the mist on the riverside.

There will be a temple while I journey and jumble
Thoughts of all yesteryears that stands unshaken.
There will be a tussle of timid tempests and tremble
Waves of musk and mound of memories brazen.

My words bleed; no they sing the song in sublime
They quest to find what was untold before.
They are like monuments of faith that rhyme
With each passing moment and melodies galore.

To yearn is to idle the desire for love and see
Beyond human drooping, dusted history
Of ours, of elsewhere and attempt to free
Dazzled flecks of the unseen gold and glory.

It’s autumn again, so I sit beside the stream,
I see hope in the distant eyes, breath behest
To conquer the fear and shoulder the dream.
The winter awaits, the spring shall not rest.

In death like life there are enough vents to live,
Hope alone deciphers the honest love we give.

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Separated at the séance, surrendered to sermons
With bells around not ringing but like demons
Hanging from the black dark roof, among webs
Of desire so cruel to stand through the ribs.
There will be dreams that will now relinquish
In the real and rude words of this world.

This battle will finish the carcass of those cared,
This battle will not be of bodies but boldness
Unbound by fear of tradition and the trivial,
Among gloomy gusts of gentle memories.

This heart will not fail nor fear for future;
There is enough I had gathered, enough
To leave behind as each step now breathes.
There will be time that will cure all wounds
Of this world, of this life and will grow
To discover the green pasture of hope.
Stars will now see, storms will now seal;
We will meet again beyond desire and flow.

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Among winding reeds something stands
So tall that I am amazed with my heart;
There are dark, eloquence enticed hands
Reading rumours among rusted strands.

We sing and dance with lost souls around,
There is a great day that all eyes dream
But no single soul touches the silver sand.
Not drunk, nor deserted, but have found
The blue crystal moon beyond life’s stream.

Someday we will meet at some crossroad,
With hands flowing to touch and console.
We will but discover the same eyes and years
We have lived craving for peace and stifled
Desires to draught among barren whispers
Of fake and frozen beauties wrapped in gold.

But hope is like a stubborn cliff that will stand
Beside the sea among tempests to prove;
That we live under the same leaves and land,
We hope, harvest and still crave for love.

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Along the sweating air in this bizarre citadel,
There droops a bird on the leafless bough.
There is a known mirage on the path so supple,
There is life among dwelling peasant’s laugh. 

I not see now the devout saints of sulphur,
Nor hear music beyond the curtained door.
In this heat thoughts become lighter and lighter
And vanish vanquished beyond visual amber.

So sensuous, so hidden are the words now,
To spell or to see is the dilemma in hope.
Some friends are lost in this battle of seasons,
Some old ones still wait for me to hop.
There is no lake now, my stream has dried,
Vapours alone see meaning in tests and tow. 

But wait for droplets to fall not far away
And the dying stream to flow fresh again
With smells of earth married to heated air.
With hope shall this generation survive
Through odds of time and tides of pain
To further move our seeds with care?

With hope comes divinity more distinct,
And life gains the true love precinct.
Beyond this unending dream of the stream
The soul journeys through eternity.

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