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It was beside a small countryside bush,
Beside a faint greenery tossed in rain,
I put my first paper boat all alone
With shoulders covered by gentle love
And feet so much mounted with faith.
There comes a breeze of ancient life;
There comes an echo that it will sail well.

I turned and saw red little flowers behind;
Plucked them with love and humming
An unknown song, singing to the wind.
The boat with my name moved far to bring
Joy and join the voyage that I dreamt.
It lives the beauty of those flowers still.

There isĀ an ahoy from my mother,
As I sail through the islands of the past
And waves of fluttering wings of souls
That I know are in as much love with life
As with their boats that voyage in time.

There will be rain again and we will make
Our paper boat together with more love.
Our heart knows we will, so it will rain.


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