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If time was to settle or pause among the pristine powers,
A flute is enough to play and save through the breathing rocks.
What is madness, if can’t converse with the countable stars?
What air is of profit if doesn’t hold the soul that death mocks?

The treasure of our times will be those smiles that we record.
The pursuit of our passion if not inspire, then to what respite?
Awake! Here it stands stronger than we know anything else.
Listen! To This voice of yours that echoes love our heart tells.

Sometimes, it’s among those tired leaves where love wrote.
Sometimes, it’s among a thousand waves where soul floats.
What profit is our rhyme here, if not toss our ego for light.
A step, a breath, a story that awaits you on the bed this night.

Awake! Yet again, you will starve and feed, drink the thirst.
But Oh, never give up on those dreams that live in your heart.


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Until there is a wind that has touched
The sea, the oak, the leaves of a forest
So green with hues of spring or yellow
Of an autumn morning, you will not settle,
You will not succumb among pastoral hymns.
You will but fly beyond, for the light is life.
You are not heavy like our hearts, or tricks
Traverse you in torn down robes of past.  

It’s easy not to untangle your journey,
For you have travelled through history,
Through the meandering moon-lit stream
Of love, of hope, of despair and glory.
Wish my soul could join you and dream
Through the pages filled by your story,
And stand near the swans again for peace.
Like my masters say to pick you is to speak
To an unending sky that has enough air.
The feather so light, so untouched, unheard,
Can guide me to my stars and my prayer.

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It is tough indeed to be innocent;
To follow the petals in summer breeze,
To whisper through first rain drops,
To gather autumn leaves alone,
And to render warmth in a cold world.

There is hunger, there is thirst.
There is an unending war everywhere.
There is no faith among crowded eyes.
But river to river speak of a sea,
Where no meaning is mild or moans.
We will stand together forever
To make all our lives inspire.

A rose, a smile, a simile with humour
Can turn the pebbles unturned.
As glaciers perform in sturdy summer;
Melting existence, intellect unlearned.
Why fight for symbols that are sold?
Why bathe in rivers that are lost?

We will now learn though late.
We are the makers of our fate.

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