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A broken wooden bench over a spread of ivy all over,
As if it hides those footprints of a distant love and life.
There I see flowers occasionally touching the air over
And murmur the silent whispers of my hopeful wife
That they hear from those years of struggle and fear,
Among the many hopes, everything that stands so dear.

Oh! What fear makes? What clutters this cold mind now?
We played characters, both strong and weak with time,
We hunted and allowed to be grabbed in the gusts
Among those years, with one single hope for a life
That is beautiful, that is holding each other and rhyme
The spirit of life sitting beside the waves of this world.

Time plays the greatest comedy, for it brings justice
To every breath that we think we accomplish in life;
Time sings the greatest music, for it sounds rhythms
Of love, no matter what strings we touch with hymns
Anchored by our soul, served in light, a sublime piece.
Have faith, love alone stays as every other bird flies.

Here and now, just pause and remember the first sight,
The first spring that we chose to journey and then cross
The summer and the fall all together with the courage
That repeats life again and again, no matter what name,
What thoughts will teach us, what actions will journey,
We are surely now in an endless love forever and ever.


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Those splashes of water from the puddle in the field,
With colours that make you feel will as if now get tamed
By my call, or even by a whisper in this crowded world.
Those humming birds among naked leaves now draped
In the mist, in the music of my childhood seem to shield
Whatever is beautiful, whatever I wish from this world.

Steps and so many of them that the spirit refuses to jump;
There I see the bell among the clouds that form like trees.
Sailor to sailor now say ahoy, with waves sounding hope.
I will but take only that voice with me that called with ease
My soul that stands with flowers of spring and a cold winter.

When it’s dark call me again, among the stars I will look
At you and your smile that makes so much the life’s brook.

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It was drizzling in a small country side, and was an evening dark and lonely. There were paddy fields stretched on all sides with apparitions of old trees hustling here and there. The sky looked softly lit and birds who have returned after the winter, chirping on unknown boughs. All doors were closed here like everywhere else, small little lamps lit faintly with mediocre human beings surrounded. From somewhere there emerges a white smoke and sometimes the air is moist with occasional fragrance of flowers that grow in the forest. The generosity of this life is in the observation of the unseen fabric that fills the time we live in.

I sat on the pavement through the night watching closely all. I am glad there is a hope for the day to break with a new sun and a new life growing after the monsoon. The possibility of life gets more strengthened with the visions of greenness around and experiences of vivid emotions generated in this small little world of ours.

It is still gray as the night is not just over.
The last drops of the last monsoon
Wish that a great green earth is born,
A phoenix tale from time unknown
Gets played on this country-side.

There is a tree in every being.
It depends what tree you are.
No rain, no Sun will ever help
Someone who doesn’t wish to grow.
No kind will come for help
And no generation will remember.
The more the branches the better.
The green leaves will grow on us,
And will take us into memory.

To nurture, nourish the naive,
Will make a melody for seasons.
The ages of the romance is now gone;
An age of unseen sequences arrive,
For trees to grow and keep green.

We are like the trees born with a seed,
Grow in many seasons undefined.
Yes and grow with a hope to be huge,
To soon stand tall and amuse.
Let conscience choose the right seed
And be here with great future to greet.
Let greenness bring enough fortune
In these ever changing times.

Through seasons let us journey and gain.
Let’s stand together to make a forest again.

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