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Who says our years ‘ll go by like the stars,
Like a flick among these visions of time,
All that we dreamt together, and all oaths
That we took under that sky, now rhyme,
We shall meet someday, we’ll again love.
These are the people who will laugh more,
They will find a reason to make our name,
An epitaph of time, a graveyard of dreams.
Drop now if you trust these veins that flow.
Chisel the toughest stones into a sculpture
Of love again, among the metaphors of life.


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Among these sun-filled eyes and dust kissed lips
There’s a tale of a tempest that madness whips.
Hand to hand trusts too with a heart holding love
While there are scattered visions of unending hope.
Among these decrepit steps of this temple of faith
We will not gaze deep into the sculptures of science,
But more at the art rising in the distant horizon.

There stand these visions we had like our fathers
Of all generations who hold their child’s finger
To lead through, to greet all and to bid farewell
When done enough with time and tests of life.
Faith is a great magic, holds the breath of ours
When in need and let go when we are set to sail.
Time echoes, the time we live forever and ever.

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