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Those splashes of water from the puddle in the field,
With colours that make you feel will as if now get tamed
By my call, or even by a whisper in this crowded world.
Those humming birds among naked leaves now draped
In the mist, in the music of my childhood seem to shield
Whatever is beautiful, whatever I wish from this world.

Steps and so many of them that the spirit refuses to jump;
There I see the bell among the clouds that form like trees.
Sailor to sailor now say ahoy, with waves sounding hope.
I will but take only that voice with me that called with ease
My soul that stands with flowers of spring and a cold winter.

When it’s dark call me again, among the stars I will look
At you and your smile that makes so much the life’s brook.


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And what if, it all ends in a whisper;
Frozen walls, iced words, and eyes cold?
Peace flapping it’s wings to lead the soul
To a much lighter space where exists
The emptiness for one’s stricken desire.
You are where you ought to be in life,
Or you will look at these moments someday
And laugh most like a baby in the cradle
Does when sees it’s mother who will hold.
A finger that will lead to hold it more tight
Among winds through the curtains in cold.
What point does this race make to us,
While the heart wants air to breathe
And looks so eagerly among the smiles?
We will come again to the tossed mirror
And face the questions of our conquest.
We will be born again to seek the light
When our soul would ask again to rest.

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It’s autumn again, it’s the breeze that flatters gain;
Looking back I see that smile standing beside,
I see timid hope tussle among drops of rain,
I see empty hands gazing the mist on the riverside.

There will be a temple while I journey and jumble
Thoughts of all yesteryears that stands unshaken.
There will be a tussle of timid tempests and tremble
Waves of musk and mound of memories brazen.

My words bleed; no they sing the song in sublime
They quest to find what was untold before.
They are like monuments of faith that rhyme
With each passing moment and melodies galore.

To yearn is to idle the desire for love and see
Beyond human drooping, dusted history
Of ours, of elsewhere and attempt to free
Dazzled flecks of the unseen gold and glory.

It’s autumn again, so I sit beside the stream,
I see hope in the distant eyes, breath behest
To conquer the fear and shoulder the dream.
The winter awaits, the spring shall not rest.

In death like life there are enough vents to live,
Hope alone deciphers the honest love we give.

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Like bluer blossoms in titillating winter night.
I like my father will arise again and grow.
In demise, in death and in desolate dream dome
I will but arise again and stand all applause.

I see when all past married to coming years
There is haystack of Monet and lilies painted,
There is a canvas longing for so long now.
The crowd is like pigments thrown on palette,
That makes nature its art and dreams
Like floating clouds that drizzle in thoughts.

Those temples shall remain for God has seen
Those moments that we spent in prayers
For each other, for a feeling so eternal
And memories shall now beat again
Through days that come in this life of tears.
I like my father will arise and grow
Into an oak on the last mountain frieze.
No more waiting in Sun and among snow,
Thoughts too are dead, the valleys grow.

Let us now forget the walls that we hate,
And like salmons grow again in our dreams.
I shall not write again, nor shall await
For anguishes to stand hearing pastoral hymns.
The swans now flatter incandescence,
And I will reach the bell before my temple
Sees the morning, I will arise and grow.

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