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The Feeding

Hunger is like a roaring lion
Sitting with opened eyes,
Dry mouth and distinct moan.
There are houses in our city
And people still unfed around.
There are breads without butter
And an ever gaining ground.
Hunger in those eyes are sacred;
As the illumination it touches is high.
What does it take to share our food?
To share the small little joys of life,
To heal someone who is in anguish?
The joy is unspoken then
As peace comes through nature.

We will not eat all nor will live forever,
Our citadels will vanish and vapour.
The plants we watered will be fossils
And our deeds will get killed by clever.
We will not mourn as after generations
Will lie on distant land far away from now.

To feed not the stomach but also the soul
Is a deed that will remain here forever.
Our stars will die, not the Sun in between.
There will be stars again and a new sun.
There comes a time when hunger is gone.


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