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Among winding reeds something stands
So tall that I am amazed with my heart;
There are dark, eloquence enticed hands
Reading rumours among rusted strands.

We sing and dance with lost souls around,
There is a great day that all eyes dream
But no single soul touches the silver sand.
Not drunk, nor deserted, but have found
The blue crystal moon beyond life’s stream.

Someday we will meet at some crossroad,
With hands flowing to touch and console.
We will but discover the same eyes and years
We have lived craving for peace and stifled
Desires to draught among barren whispers
Of fake and frozen beauties wrapped in gold.

But hope is like a stubborn cliff that will stand
Beside the sea among tempests to prove;
That we live under the same leaves and land,
We hope, harvest and still crave for love.


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