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I know we will be together
Someday when we are old,
Gray and with sunken eyes.
We will see in long dreams
The same trees, same sky,
And the temples of stone.

All pain through this life
Will see no meaning then,
As mortal toys meet death
And mutilated souls stand
On the same broken banks  
Where an emperor lost
After a victory so needed.

We will arise from there
With a lighter soul
And wings of love behind.
We will but sail again.
There will be no gyres
Perturbing penance or fear.
There will be no intellect
To make vague bargain.


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It is tough indeed to be innocent;
To follow the petals in summer breeze,
To whisper through first rain drops,
To gather autumn leaves alone,
And to render warmth in a cold world.

There is hunger, there is thirst.
There is an unending war everywhere.
There is no faith among crowded eyes.
But river to river speak of a sea,
Where no meaning is mild or moans.
We will stand together forever
To make all our lives inspire.

A rose, a smile, a simile with humour
Can turn the pebbles unturned.
As glaciers perform in sturdy summer;
Melting existence, intellect unlearned.
Why fight for symbols that are sold?
Why bathe in rivers that are lost?

We will now learn though late.
We are the makers of our fate.

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