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On a horse wild, burgundy and smart,
He travelled miles to catch.
Through cotton fields and the blue sky;
He followed the dragon’s shadow.
A vow that he spelt, the oath he lived
Had glimpses scattered of a martyr’s heart.

There were shepherds who saw him,
And Paths that have heard his horse’s hoof.
Somewhere when he stopped to see;
There were lives miserable than war.
Somewhere yet again there is a dream
To defeat the huge wings of misfortune.
Through the woods and the rivers,
Cutting the greenery apart like in verse;
There is a great truth to witness.

There is great peace, greater gain,
Not in war but in love again.


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What pleasure you draw among these choristers?
Among these sweet meadow and rough flecks,
When I trod the trodden and listen to the mermaids,
Father to father sing all dazzles and the twisters.
In Love there is initiation and a Sun that shakes.

The wind is restless, the fragrances galore;
I will sing till the end, or till I sleep forever.
Those evening wanderings on the museum floor;
Are now hymns in the woodland living ever.

Let me pluck no daffodil again nor smell,
The bouquets don’t live what beauty I intend.
Let me be drunk and sit alone in that vale
Or sing the greatest ballads to the unseen friend.

Your joys live in you and sorrows pass,
Like a sudden undreamt flush of sea.
I will what I can on this gleaming brass
Write as much in pain for you to agree.

We will not be the frozen tears decree.
All flecks gathered make the same impression,
But none gives the warmth I dream.
I will for sure till the end sing and see
What ears you can lend to these years gone.
I will stand up and sing what I dream.

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