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From here the mountain of dream ends,
And the ocean of the infinity invites.
The birds chirping and hustles of the oak,
Echoes a known crowd, experiences.
With a thousand mutiny in mind
There are enough miles in this journey,
Of love, lust, grief and undying zeal
To add more and more, to go on and on.
A moment transforms all meaning.
Like a tattered cloth I shall drop now,
The thoughts, the dreams so dear
In sand dunes of the deserted summer.
These people are now my living spirit,
Their needs are my colossal columns,
To strengthen them assures a roof.
The famine in those faces now impel
To conquer the dream of past ages.
A moment transforms all meaning.

Hermit to hermit will pass on my baton
Of love and lead the unseen kiln in storm.
Like life, death too has a meaning unturned,
Our pebbles and stones do not make
Castles of eternity, or save us in grave.
Feed the sunken lips of someone, someday
Under scorching sun or cold winter moon.
Then our soul would not wander ever
As a moment transforms all meaning.


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A thousand mutiny unheard, undressed
Lie now in solemnity and great greed
Wishes more and more, else would die
Unknown under the cold winter sky.
This soul is now brave and now freed
From the bondage of past and the present.
The future is marching fast to plead
And is here, it has the chorus of love,
Never witnessed such a great crowd within.

Now you may not mean that you were,
You will be there forever in those dreams.
The evenings now dance with the days
I spent waiting under the tree beside
The lake so stormy and cold evenings.
I will but take those smiles, those words
That inspired me to write for so long;
I will now relive the smiles that glide
Into the soul among sublime hymns.

I will but again arise, and stand a while,
Before this journey sees the unending wheel.

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