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Now that we talk and teach
Each other to remain in peace,
Each one filling the other’s dream;
There is a heart that listens
To the beats of this night stream.

Now not like a priest or a pope,
We can dare to cleanse this soul
As the virtue of our kind is to sail
Through odds of the fate we carve.
We will together dream again
Of the utopia that never exists.

When we meet, will surely greet
With baffled and bleeding hearts
That suffered in these dark years.
We will stare each other for long,
And then may pretend to treat.
But our eyes will gleam with tears.

Neither we nor our fate knows
Where will we settle after now?
But wherever there will be thirst
There will be a dream to quench.

Why after some dream we weep?
We succumb and yearn for the end?
Why breathe in this deserted drape?
And remain speechless while we bend?

Like Life, death too is a journey.


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